Educators Music Cape Coral Florida Review


More of a buyer beware story than a rip-off and was partially my own fault for not paying more attention. My 17 year old son is mildly autistic and loves music. For over a year now he has been researching electric guitars in hopes of buying one and learning to play it. nWhen he graduated high school he received some money so I took him to Educators music to look at guitars. He really wanted one model but asked my opinion on a second model which I liked better. He decided to purchase the one that I liked and the lady there even had him try it out in the store. nFirst Problem: they had him hook up to an $899.00 amp which sounded GREAT, yet we could only afford a cheap amp. nSecond Problem: instead of walking me to the counter with the register, she takes me to another counter away from the register(which will come into play later). nThey were nice enough to even throw in a cord and some picks and we left with our purchases and receipt. About 4 hours later,my son says to me, “mom

I really liked the other guitar better and this amp sounds awful

can you exchange the guitar for and take back the amp””? nMy receipt says “”All claims and returned goods MUST be accompanied by this bill””

so I assume we can do this. 24 hours after our original purchase

I take the guitar and amp back to the store and explain that there is nothing wrong

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