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I bought an HDMI capture card off of ebay here and I got scammed. The card did not work! It kept crashing and you could not use it with vdub or any other software out there. Linux did not work either.I returned it and the ebay seller enjoyshopping365 “claimed”” it never got there. The cost from UPS to ship it back was $130 (the card only cost $65). I sent it via USPS and stupidly thought you could track with only a customs declaration. The “”seller”” asked that I not file a case or leave negative feedback as he said he would take care of it. Well after 30 days you lose ALL your rights from eBay and the seller can do whatever it wants

including keeping your money –which it did. The SCAM is for the seller to wait long enough until eBay can give the excuse of waiting too long and then they won’t do anything (except keep your money). If you do buy from eBay and it goes bad

file a case ASAP don’t let the seller promise to be fix it.I even filed a Better Business Bureau complaint and ebay stood its ground negating their PHONY money back guarantee. When you do try to file a case eBay redirects you to one page: contact seller. the option to file a case is well-hidden (one would believe they created the scam).Word of advise **DO NOT ORDER ELECTRONICS FROM EBAY or CHINA** **DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM EBAY or enjoyshopping365** You will be giving your money away and still won’t be able to capture video. I know I did not use the “” i will be scammed”” attitude and did not protect myself. So I am passing along my story of what NOT to do. Don’t be stupid like me. I am filing a consumer fraus complaint against eBay with th eIllinois State’s Attourny but I doubt that will go anywhere.”

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