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I called the local branch directly 10 days in advance because I needed A rental car in order to go see my father which was very ill we did not expect my father to make it much longer. My father was admitted to a hospital and had Emergency surgery and was sent home I plan to make the trip to see him before he passed away and contacted the rental car company enterprise rental car on electric Road in Roanoke Virginia I want to plan a few days ahead and was told by the toll-free number to call the local branch and ask them what documents they will except as proof of residenceWith enterprise if you do not have a actual credit card you have to take them some type of proof of where you live and proof of having employment | This request sounds very reasonable and make sense I called them at the local branch and spoke with a guy named Bernard and the actual manager which is the branch manager Edward L Payne III A. | k.a. Ed Payne. We had a discussion about what documents I would need to bring since I was self-employed and did not have utility bills in my personal name Due to the fact that my rental house in Roanoke is all inclusiveAs in my electric and water is paid by proxy and the bills are not in my name however I do have a lease and several government and official documents mailed to my address and this is the address on my Government issued identification … And my Virginiaís drivers license. The employee and the branch manager weíre both on the phone with me and said if I could provide them with a bank statement mailed to my address and it is the same address on my ID along with a print out of my income from being self-employed which was credit card processing and tax documents with my physical address the same as all the other documents the branch manager Edward Told me 10 days prior to me going there today that the documents which we discussed would be fine and work for renting the vehicle and establishing residence.. | Being overprepared as I usually a.m. I took even more documentation such as my Department of criminal Justice ID my drivers license mail from my bank mail from my company which is my employment My state issued private investigators license documents from the Virginia Department of social services My birth certificate my Social Security card mail from my loan statement Mail from my doctors office and print out of everything in between. I not only brought with me the documents he said would work Instead of my utility bill which I donít have in my name… because it is included in my monthly lease. I have lived in the same condo in a good neighborhood in south Roanoke for over 4 years. I bought extra items because I had to get the car as I could not drive a company vehicle to the destination due to insurance restrictions… | Anyway my father died and his memorial service was set for Saturday and I needed to get to the location 309 miles away by Friday to help with arrangements. I called the toll free number to confirm my reservation and everything was all set till I went to pick up the vehicle at the scheduled time and the manager Edward along with Bernard told me that I could not rent a vehicle because I did not have the proper papers the proper papers would simply be a utility bill well after speaking to them days prior we had already established that I do not have one and they told me to bring the alternative documentation which I had with me along with a lot of extra. I am already stressed out about the death of my father and I was lied to by the branch manager of the enterprise car rental company Edward in Roanoke Virginia Va. | When I reminded them Edward and Bernard that they had spoke with me on the phone a few days before they acted clueless and took a authoritative tone and approach to telling me sorry you canít rent a car without the utility bill I told them I would have never of came because I obviously know that I donít have a utility bill and explain this to them days prior and brought the documents he asked for and he is Edward and Bernard. He was very rude unsympathetic and we quite honest cool in the manner when she spoke with me and treated me all while I was in distress due to my fatherís death and when I told him that I had to go to my fathers funeral and these are theDocuments that he told me to bring he said too bad I go by the book. I am a local business owner and have lived in the area for over 35 years and feel that I was discriminated against by Edward and if he made a verbal agreement and advised me to bring certain documentation instead of the utility bill and now I have to find an emergency alternative means to get to my fatherís funeral. How would I have known that I spoke with Edward and Bernard and ironically that be the two people that work there if I had not spoken with them this is what I told Edward when he told me he doesnít recall I did not have that conversation | The whole time I was trying to have a polite conversation about the issue and Word became very irritated and basically threw me out of the store I told him I was going to wait inside for my ride to return to pick me up while waiting Bernard which is the African-American gentleman that works there stared at me like he was sizing me up to attack me not one time did I raise my voice or say any bad words or threaten anyone I told him that what he did was wrong and that I was going to go online and leave a bad review for him and tell people my story about what happened and his reply was he did not care The other employee working at the time was a management trainee by the name of Travis Linkenhoker he remained silent until I left … | As I was leaving I was getting the look and having smirks thrown at me because I expressed myFeelings of being discontent with them in an appropriate manner… Edward Edward Payne in Roanoke Va That works at enterprise Rent-A-Car lied to me and it was causing me Normas amount of stress due to his negligence and inappropriate behavior towards me in a time of crisis when somebodyís parent dies is very stressful and emotional and you have a company like enterprise car rental service employee a man like Edward is a very dangerous gamble that can cost the company money in the long run The companyís reputation is very important in this community and I will not stop until I explain my story and a manner that comes across properly this complaint is more or less a rant my next 50 or so will have documentation and more evidence to the factual informationExample I will include my reservation confirmations photographs while I was there on the scene video recording business cards and documentations that I took with me the whole shooting match

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