Extracted the wrong tooth! Made me life hell!


Vernon Dental Group isnít the place youíd want to visit for your treatment. This place is a horrible choice for anyone. The dentists here are careless, unprofessional and unethical. They have no knowledge whatsoever of the procedures they do on their patients. And they clearly lack any decency or manners. Their license should be revoked and Iím frankly surprised that they donít have many complaint on their negative reviews. THE DENTIST AT VERNON DENTAL GROUP ĎMISTAKENLYí EXTRACTED THE WRONG TOOTH FROM MY MOUTH! He said he got confused and was sorry for his mistake. But what the hell?! Instead of removing one infected tooth, he removed an additional one. What kind of dentist does that? I know that kind, the crappy one. Donít visit this clinic. Itís a mess and it would be a mistake if you trust these people with your dental treatment. I know I made a huge mistake by trusting the dentists here with my teeth. If I had any idea that they are nothing but a bunch of moronic chimps, I would have never visited this place. The service here is poor, the dentists are illiterate and they do more harm than good. Whatís the use of visiting this place anyway? Youíll end up losing a tooth, just like I did. Or even worse, you might end up losing a bunch of teeth. I had visited Vernon Dental Groupís clinic for a simple tooth extraction. Nothing special, the tooth was beyond repair, as I was told by my dentist and he had recommended me this place. Now I know he isnít trustworthy either. My experience with Vernon Dental Group was horrible from the start. The staff here is rude and it really made me uncomfortable to visit this clinic. Anyway, I still came here and consulted the dentists who were more than happy to extract my tooth. The only problem is, instead of extracting the right one, the dentist extracted the adjacent tooth by mistake and completely ruined my smile. I have 2 missing teeth now! TWO for Godís sake! I look like I was beaten up by some street kids in an alleyway. I had thought of getting implants from this place too. In fact, I had already discussed that possibility with the dentist at this place. But now Iím more than certain that I wonít be coming back here for any kind of dental treatment. They have already done a lot of damage and I donít want them to ruin the rest of my smile. Iím better off with 2 missing teeth. Next thing I know, they mistakenly added unnecessary crowns all over my mouth. Iíd suggest staying far and far away from this place. The dentists here are idiots. They said sorry for extracting the wrong tooth but they didnít issue any refunds. I received no compensation from those people. The dentist that messed up my extraction is still working there and Iím quite certain that he is treating other people too. Beware and stay a little distant from this place.

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