Complaint: Well as we all know times are tough these days. Every penny counts. I’m an unemployed union electrician. I’ve been unemployed now since January. I’ve been collecting unemployment since then. I claim every two weeks in the usual manner on the internet. To all those familiar with the system you can only claim weeks your eligible for. If your not eligible or out of funds the system will let you know right then and there. So this Tuesday as per usual I went online and filed my two weeks. I thought everything was cool untill Thursday . When I only received compensation for one week as oppossed to the two weeks I had claimed. Its hard enough to scave by on two weeks pay let alone just one. Desperately disturbed and confused I called the Unemployment office to try and find out why I only got payed for one week instead of the two, that the system allowed me to claim. I was told rather aggressively and harshly that we had arrived at the third quarter and that my claim needed to be reevaluated. W.T.F.!!!!! Why wasn’t I alerted to this when I was allowed to claim my two weeks! So I could at least brace my self for being hit with the absence of the money. I, my wife and three children depend on. Anyway back to the phone call, I was told that I was approved and that this was a new claim. Now I would have to go through the whole waiting week period again before I receiving my proper benefits. This is such Bull BLEEPIDY BLEEP !!! I proceeded to argue why wasn’t I alerted to this. The response I got was “Be happy that I was re-approved”” Well what the heck happened to the mysterious week I claimed and didn’t get payed for? Apparently if I had been denied reapproval they would have payed me that last week. So since I got reapproved I should just forget about that one week that they are jipping from me and who knows how many countless others. Then wait extra long to get back on track!!!”

Tags: Government Services

Address: Davie, Florida United States of America

Website: www.floridajobs.org/unemployment/uc_emp_claims.html


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