Freight Plus LLC


This company send me an email and had me fill out the application with a W4. So I thought it was a legitimate company. The agreement was for me to work for a month inspecting packages that they would send, I’d write a report and ship it off. After the each month I was to receive $3000.00. Well, after a month I heard nothing from them. No packages were sent anymore and nobody returned my calls or emails. They took me off my login page and completely ignored me and never paid me. They used the name Freight Plus LLC, which is and legit name but this company is nothing but a scam. I’m not sure what they have gained from doing this because they never received any money from me or had access to my bank account. The only thing they did was waste my time and gave me false hope for extra income. Still not right and they should be stopped and more importantly, pay for what they did.

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