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Complaint: I ordered furniture from Furniture Buzz on February 5, 2011. I paid with my bank card which means that the company immediately took $521.53 from my bank account on February 5, 2011. MY husband was leary of ordering from them because he saw comparable items a little cheaper elsewhere. He wanted to buy the items locally. After shopping locally for 2 days, I once again placed another order. I was told at that time that the order would take about 3 weeks. Because we were moving at the begging of March. I called Furniture Buzz on February 28 to find the status of my order. At that time, I was told my order was on a truck and would not be delivered to their store for at least a week and then it would be another week to 10 days until I would get the merchandise. At that point, I told them to cancel the order and I inquired about the refund for the first order. I was told it takes about 4 weeks to get the refund. It is now April 15th and I have yet to receive a penny of my money which by the way is now $1043.06. I would like to add on February 28 I ordered the same pieces from AFO and received them within 4 working days and I saved $40 from Furniture Buzz. We have called the store on several occasions about our refund and always the same message that they have sent a message to accounting about this refund. I asked to speak to someone in accounting and was told they didn’t take phone. How strange is that? I asked to speak to a manager or someone higher on the food chain. He was not allowed to give me a number.I intend to pass this information along to our Attorney General so legal proceedings can be started immediately. I am sure when they investigate they will find that many people have been cheated out of their money as we have been.

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