Genesis Block Capital Review


Thank god, we have an opportunity to check what websites used to look like. For example, today Genesis Block Capital website is empty. Well, it contains a couple of sentences and an email, but in fact, it’s nothing special. I checked this website with help of web archive to see what they did. And it didn’t impress me. They never provided any useful information, nothing that would have motivated people to invest. I guess if I wrote this review a little bit earlier when they were operating, their clients or they themselves would have commented something negative to convince me I was wrong. But miracles don’t happen and scam websites are usually similar and use same schemes and templates, most of them don’t even try hard because investors are not picky. No one knows whether they are planning to start working again, but I guess you don’t even need to waste your time, I don’t think they will bring something new and decent. So stay away

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