Gibbs Roofing and Remodeling Review


TRUTH BE KNOWN: I, like many other roofing professionals within the region, am a competitor of Gibbs Roofing & Remodeling in the Southeastern Massachusetts region. THE PROBLEM: Gibbs Roofing & Remodeling is advertising a very respected and well earned ROOFING CREDENTIAL that they do NOT … DO NOT… and NEVER HAVE POSSESSED. This credential MASTER ELITE CONTRACTOR from GAF Materials is the highest awarded credential a SHINGLE ROOFER can attain through years of professional business acumen, testing and a host of other highly regarded and proven criteria. Yes, I have held this MASTER ELITE CONTRACTOR status only to leave GAF and move over to the competitor CERTAINTEED for same status. These “credentials” are by invite only from a manufacturer, well earned and highly valued and respected in the trade along with being protected and LIMITED regionally by the manufacturer (GAF, CERTAINTEED, etc..). THE POINT: Gibbs is simply FALSELY ADVERTISING a credential in various points of hard print, their vehicles and on the internet in places like this that they simply have NOT been invited to obtain, do NOT possess. Gibbs realizes the value of this MASTER ELITE status by GAF for COMPETITIVE purposes… mainly the BACKING BY THE MANUFACTURER (in this case GAF/ check the GAF WEBSITE> FIND A MASTER ELITE CONTRACTOR> Gibbs is NOT THERE) for the purpose of offering and providing one of the BEST Material and Workmanship guaranties/warranties available BACKED UP BY THE MANUFACTURER (includes a 25 year workmanship guaranty backed by GAF, CERTAINTEED, etc). Gibbs advertises this credential to the consumer KNOWING THE VALUE of the credential for competitive purposes>>> BUT THEY CAN NOT SELL, PROVIDE or have ENDORSED by GAF the “GOLDEN PLEDGE” (or CERTAINTEED 5-STAR) WARRANTY in spite of these false claims. SOUR GRAPES ?? : NO !!!! Not at all. In fact, if Gibbs actually could or did obtain this credential, it would strengthen the overall sloped roofing market and provide and stabilize pricing, workmanship, consumer confidence and competition. But this is NOT the case. FALSE ADVERTISING by Gibbs is “BS” and a threat to consumer confidence and an insult to all the rest of us that strive every day to EARN, secure, market and uphold such a valued credential. We realize the importance of this credential and market, install and provide the REAL DEAL whereas Gibbs FALSELY ADVERTISES same. Not to mention, “A WRITTEN GUARANTY TO BE ALL OTHER WRITTEN CONTRACTORS QUOTATIONS”. Well. if you can’t attain this Master Elite Contractor status, then you can’t buy it and supply it to the consumer… AND, most importantly, probably NOT employing, installing or providing the mandatory installation that supports such a “GOLDEN PLEDGE” guaranty/warranty. IN THE END: Roofers have NEVER been highly regarded. Most, like I and many of my competitors, have worked tirelessly to legitimize the roofing trade and become respected professionals providing a valuable service to consumers. FALSE ADVERTISING defeats the tireless efforts of us all in the roofing trade. .

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