Good Feet of Sarasota Florida Sarasota Florida Review


Hark hark how this 85 year ‘young’ WW2 disabled veteran was treated by the bad boy i.e. Alan Genese at Good Foot Store Sarasota in May 2010!As an extra courtesy called ahead explaining I need replacement fort my stolen $230 Z-coil shoes – with built in arch support – I was promised a better and less expensive replacement.After some 30 min. waiting, was given athletic shoes along with two wee arch supports from inventory – no cast was made of my feet, one about 2 cm.s longer than the other.At cashier I was told the shoes cost $192.55 inc. tax andbutGenese insisted I have to pay an extra $249.95 for the arch supports, total $442.50 !!! When I protested the extortionate price of the arch supports. Genese aplogized that he brought up the pricing too late but removed the supports form the shoe. So much for the Good Feet promise of getting a better and cheaper replacement.A few days later I returned the shoes, got credit – Genese still feels ha was not bad – so much fort the sincerity of his apology.Veterans, all others be aware of the deceptive lie utilized to lure me into the store, then reneging on their promise. Several hours and a long trip to the store absolutely wasted.Avoid the bad boy in the Good Feet store!!!

4950 Fruitville Road Sarasota, Florida United States of America

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