I was hired by this "non-profit" to help spread the word about them in social media. Their purpose (based on what they told me at first) was to have money awards for students with sustainable ideas. They advertise with "Win $10,000 every month"! After working for them for 2 weeks, not only I didn’t get paid, I realized the whole ‘business’ is a scam. My next job for them was to approach businesses to give them donations. As I started asking questions, this is when it became clear, that the ‘winner’ they claim form last month is Fake, and they just scamming businesses out of money, as there are no winners. They keep all of it. I wonder how many businesses have lost their money to this.I don’t know how many more people are working for them, how many are promised money.This is not a non-profit FOR SURE, and is a fraud from any prospective and it must be shut down.

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