Greyhound Houston Louisiana Review


On December 5, 2011 I was at the Shreveport, LA Greyhound, waiting for the next bus to Houston, TX to arrive. I arrived at 5:40 and the my next bus was to depart at 6:40. A black luggage carrier, who told me his name was Richie (or perhaps Rick), offered to take my baggage in the back while I waited inside the terminal for the next bus to arrive. I complied and gave my suitcases to him. When I arrive in Houston, TX, I noticed that my television set (a Sanyo 18.5” LCD HDTV) and my video game consoled and five games (A Nintendo Wii and five games including Super Mario Galaxy 1/2, Sonic Colors, Metroid: Other M, and The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword) were stolen. I called the Shreveport, LA branch that night to complain and although I was upset (and rightfully so) I could get no where with the representative who picked up the phone (that’s usually the case with Greyhound it seems). Since that night, I’ve been calling that Greyhound back, but no one picks up the phone. I’ve contacted the Greyhound HQ located in Dallas, TX, but at most all they did was offer to file a complaint. One of the representatives told me to file an inspection report at a local Greyhound. I went down to the Greyhound just to find out that there is no such thing as an inspection report (that or the employees at the Houston, TX location did not know of the form). I got the runaround by them and the employees were very hostile (again, that’s to be expected of Greyhound’s employees). I’ve contacted the HQ again, but this time demanding another means of getting a resolution. This time they told me to file a claim report, which I thought was only for lost or stolen goods. But I’ve heard of another person who had a $1600 laptop stolen by Greyhound employees, and if his story is any indication, then filing a claim report is another waste of time and another runaround scheme by Greyhound. I have gotten fed up with Greyhound’s nonsense. I will take matters into my own hands. Rather than filing reports and wasting time, I am contacting the attorney general’s office. Moreover, I have reported Greyhound to the Better Business Bureau and the Federal Trade Commission. It’s time we, the people that support Greyhound, stand up to this monopoly and remind them who are paying the owner’s dividends.

408 Fannin Street Shreveport, Louisiana United States of America

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