HHGregg/GE Capital Cons Cardco Beech Grove Indiana Review


I am writing this complaint for my mother. One year ago, she purchased a 32′ television from HHGregg, under a contract that said, if she paid it off before the one year deadline, she would not have to pay any finance charges. She also purchased a 5 year extended warranty with this televison. The total came to nearly 800.00! Anyway, this month she made her final payment. She mailed it on February 6th. It was due the 12th, but she received a letter in the mail today, saying that they received her payment late. They claim they didn’t get her payment until the 18th! We live in Indiana, and the bill had to go to a company in Kentucky! I do not believe that they didn’t get her payment until the 18th, because every month for the past year, she has been making the payments at about the same time, and they have always gotten them on time, until the very last payment. Now they are demanding that she pay the finance charges of 121.40! nI think this is very wrong for them to do this, and I can’t help but be a little suspicious, that the only payment they claim has been late, was the last payment. Now, why would my mother make the very last payment late? That’s the reason she purchased the item in the first place–to save the finance charges. And now, look what they’ve done. I just wonder how many other customers they have done this to. nShe bought the TV in good faith, and she has been looking forward to getting it paid off. I don’t think that what HHGregg has done is good business. I have never been a customer of theirs, and now I never will be, because of what they’re doing to my mom. nI’ll buy my TV somewhere else! I will also be entering a complaint against HHGregg on the BBB website later this evening. Is there anything my mother can do about this in the meantime? She has told them she will refuse to pay the finance charge, and I wouldn’t either. I feel she is within her rights as an abused customer. I know the mail doesn’t take 12 days to go from Indiana to Kentucky. What they probably did was receive her payment before the 12th, but didn’t record the payment in their computers until the 18th, thereby making it late, even though they probably already had it in the office. nThank you for letting me report this injustice. I only hope my mom and I will be able to see the benefit from this. And I hope other wronged customers of HHGregg will come forward, if this has happened to them. nSusannBeech Grove, Indiana

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