Hillary Gary – Commerce, Georgia Georgia


Hillary, and my Fiance were co workers at a cemetery. I found the first text messages back in May. When i confronted her about it she lied, and claimed they were just”friends”. In October of 2015, I found out my fiance had gone to a hotel in commerce one night. She lived in commerce, how ironic? When confronted she denied him ever being with her, until he told the truth completely to me. She knew we were engaged, yet still contacted him everyday all day until he got home where it wasn’t safe to talk to an engaged man. They had sex AT the office where she worked, watch out anyone who uses Hurst Corporation in Winder GA. She was on her period, and it happened on the couch. She thought even after my fiance came crawling back to me, begging me to forgive him, she would still have a chance. Watch out for this cowardly women. || She’s so insecure with her self, she has to go after men with a family instead of finding her own single man. She’s disrespectful and down right disgusting. She claims to be a godly women… I hate to tell her, but god does condone sleeping with a man that’s promised to someone else.

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