Janae Shaw – Colorado Springs, Colorado Colorado


She didn’t wreck my home, but she damn sure tried. My husband had no interest in her, and despite his refusals to have an affair with her she continuously still tried to throw herself at him. My husband and Janae had been friends since 2010 (before I met him). She tried back then to get with him but he wasn’t into her like that then either. She started calling my husband last year, crying and needing someone to talk to. She was lonely and depressed. Being her friend he extended himself as a listening ear and this crazy broad took it as him wanting to be with her. She calls him incessantly. Night and day. She drives by our house multiple times in the day. She leaves him love notes on his car. She actually thinks that he wants to be with her, that they are together. She is absolutely delusional living in a fantasy world. I asked her to stop contacting my husband via email. She never replied. I tried calling her once but she ignored my call. She’s a coward of a person, hiding from someone she’s obviously negatively affecting their life. She’s been trying to spread rumors that she did have an affair with my husband. She actually tells people that she and him are together. She’s passively aggressively through the internet tried to convince me that I’m a “fool”, and a “dumbass” for staying with my husband. That I’m in “denial”. But I’m pretty sure it’s clear to any and everyone who knows the situation, that she’s the one in denial. Simply delusional. I’m afraid to leave my house in case she tries to do something stupid. She’s psychotic and really needs professional help. I hope that one day she’ll get some. Or maybe she’ll find someone who will love and accept her for the sad, diluted, and crazy hefer she is because that sure isn’t my husband lol. He can’t stand the bitch.

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