Kalberer Frame & Line-Up Review


The shop is owned by Tony, brought my car in to have some alignment done and a few suspension parts replaced was origionally quoted $800 for the job and 2 weeks eta, instead it took months was constaltly given bullshit deadlines while the car was down somebody backed into it on the side he told me “a customer back into it” damaged the side door, fender, mirror. Tony said he can deduct the damage off the bill but the bill will be closer to 2k now instead of the origional $800. Finally picked up the car the bill was $2300 charged me $285 for a used trailing arm that normally coast $85 from LKQ auto parts which is just across the street from him and thats just one of the b***s*** charges on the bill, charged me $300 for “adjusting the trailing arm” but didnt even install spacers back that I had on the trailing arm origionally there is 3 bolts that hold the trailing arm on the front, Im surprised he didnt try to tell me he replaced fluid in my headlights. He installed the mirror back on to minimize the damage and couldnt even do that right. DO NOT TAKE YOUR CAR HERE.

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