Dayton Nevada Review


On Sunday, June 22, 2008 I found (LMT) and booked a reservation for a hotel in SF for three days while I worked a temp job. I was looking for affordability and they seemed to offer it, but at what cost??? After driving from NV to CA, I thought that I had better check online to see if there were any comments about the hotel, since I’d be staying there for a few days and knew nothing about it. nTo my surprise, I uncovered several complaints from others who had just recently stayed there that the hotel had an infestation problem with bedbugs and small rodents and that some guests had actually taken home scabies as a result. I called the hotel and it was confirmed that yes, they did have an infestation problem, that the health dept. inspectors were down there and that they had sprayed to try and remedy the situation. The latest complaint about someone bringing home bedbugs was dated 6/18/08, I was to stay from 6/23-6/26 and I didn’t feel comfortable that the hotel had completely “remedied”” the problem in only 3 days. In addition

there were over 100 negative complaints about the hotel being in a seedy location

looking nothing like the advertised photo

not having secure door or window locks

the list went on

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