Lee Anne Palmer-Moffitt


On June 14 I ordered 3 teething necklaces, a crochet hat and an crochet outfit from Lee Palmer via Facebook. She immediately sent me an invoice for the items and I paid via Pay Pal. Per her invoice I would receive my items within 3-5 weeks. I expressed the fact my son had just turned 3 months and I would be using the items for a 6 month photo shoot. She said that would be cute and told me I would have it by then. 6 weeks later I hadn’t heard from her nor received anything so I messaged her inquiring would I receive an email letting me know it was mailed. She said yes and then I heard nothing from her following up. She immediately changed my capabilities of being able to write a comment on her page. Which I didn’t realize until about a week later. I ignored that and just messaged her again asking for an eta. She read the message but ignored it. 3 days later I messaged her again asking for a response and she said she was out of town and would mail my items on Monday August 24! On August 28 when I still hadn’t received anything I messaged her again asking her to confirm the fact she sent the items and reminding her my son was getting ready to turn 6 months!!! She again read the message and ignored it. | I was upset at this point and messaged her stating this is ridiculous, her lack of communication is horrible, per her contract it stated 3-5 weeks not months. Right after she read it she blocked me from Facebook. I tried emailing her and no response. I put in a claim with Pay Pal and shortly after she emails me like nothing happened stating she would refund all money’s. I asked for my items and she wouldn’t respond. But I refuse to dismiss the PayPal cause I just don’t trust she will give me my money without a mediator. She is a horrible business woman, human being and mother! She should be ashamed!

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