I desperately needed a cash advance type of payday loan as I couldn’t repay the amount I needed in one month. I looked online and these scammers called me and I believed them. They told me it was an unsecured loan for $1200 and they needed me to put the 1st month`s payment on a green dot card, which was in the amount of $200. I followed their instructions as I had never had an online loan and they told me this was how they were done. I was instructed to give them the pin from the green dot card which I did, and then the `manager` came on the phone and told me they needed a $473 bank transfer fee. I was getting suspicious by this point and called off the process till the next day. So I googled them and found out I had been totally scammed. Here’s hoping my friends can help me out because that was my rent money they stole.. I demand Full return of my $200. Stay away

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