Love spell shop matilda Casselberry Florida


Complaint: Matilda is a liar and a scam artist. She will tell you that ou have a curupon you and she needs thousands to get it off. Ou send her that she will tell you she needs $4,000 more to get it off. I told her I don’t have it she called me a liar told me to get it from sone one. This scam artist screwed up my credit and named it so I can’t even afford rent or groceries. Don’forgo to her. I’m to the point were I want to fly face to face to surprise her. She charged me 4k and changed her number. I’ve never been so angry in My life. sally orlando florida

Tags: Attorney Generals

Address: Beverly Hills, California USA

Website: lovespellshop/

Phone: 323-283-1198

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