Magnum Realty Harley Ontario Review


Original phone contact from Brian Cooke saying he represents company (Magnum) with buyers interested in purchasing our Unlimited Vacation Club package; says he will email info; within a few days we receive offer, with documents showing money has been deposited in escrow account with Capital Transfer (call from Stephanie to confirm we saw email with $$ in escrow account statement ) We ask specific questions re up front costs; not told there will be any; call then scheduled with Edward Frost (Sr Broker); he states that purchaser will cover costs necessary for Naturalization & TAX ID for Mexico where our membership originates. Sign contracts THEN receive preliminary closing package where we are to pay $4K UP FRONT in all received 15 emails & mutiple “contracts”” AND a bullying phone call from Frost who yelled at us and repeatedly insisted that we have a legally binding contract to then pay the agent commission ($3KUSD) when we say we are not paying the $4KUSD to Capital Transfer; we told him we were within n the 10-day remorse period that we are entitled to have called UVC – they are now escalating a case and we have been advised to have no further communications with Magnum or Capital

and to definitely send no money”

630 J Street Ste 220 Sacramento, California United States

951-394-0073 X 544 or 551

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