Mandeep Saggi Lawyer Brampton Alabama


Complaint: Mandeep Saggi of Saggi Law Firm is nothing but disappointment when it comes to the Criminal law. He is inexperienced and unprofessional. His attitude and his way of dealing with people is unrealistic. Just because he is a lawyer & he knows the laws he will take you for a ride. If you are looking for a good lawyer for your criminal case he is definately not the one. Just before the case he will put you at the spot and ask you to get the money right now or I won’t go in the court. His demands are never over. His greed for money is never over. Stay away. This man talks sweet before and takes a low deposit but at the time of hearing he will hit you with a big bill. STOP!! and use a professional lawyer who is not rudimentary.

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Address: 2250 Bovair Dr East Brampton, Ontario Canada



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