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Matthew Somberg – Poor returns 

Matthew Somberg is a financial planner for Gottfried and Somberg Wealth Management. His team is highly incompetent and is completely unreliable. My experience with those people has been very painful and I don’t suggest anyone work with them. 

I believe that hiring Matthew Somberg was the biggest financial mistake of my life. Him and his firm are driving me to financial ruin. I had hired that man because I thought he would help me appreciate my net worth through his expertise. But it seems as if his advisors don’t know much about the industry trends or aren’t adaptive enough. I believe that their decision-making skills are quite terrible. Otherwise, I can’t find any explanation behind the poor returns I’m getting from my investments I made with Matthew Somberg and his firm. 

Tell me something. Why does a person hire a financial planner in the first place? You hire an advisor so they can help you make smart financial decisions right? No one expects a miracle or some 100X type returns but you expect something, don’t you? What if I told you that your financial advisor was also among the most expensive ones in the country? What would be your expectations then? Now, imagine you have a highly expensive financial advisor and a team of analysts who determine every move you’ll make. What if I told you a much smaller financial firm outperformed them repeatedly? How would you react then? I’m pretty sure you’d react like me and complain. 

It’s not like I wanted to write a review on these people. I don’t like to use social media but I had no choice. The thing is, I had sent a detailed email to Matthew Somberg some time ago which listed all my concerns and complaints with the returns I have been getting with these people. However, I didn’t get a response at all. I sent another email to Matthew but I didn’t get any response there as well. That’s why I chose to write a review on Matthew and his firm here. It’s the only option I had.

There are many financial advisors in my area and I could have worked with anyone of them. However, I chose to work with Matthew Somberg because I thought he would help me increase my wealth with more proficiency. Clearly, I was wrong. I shouldn’t have trusted that man blindly. 

His people make various excuses when it comes to the poor returns I have been getting from their suggested investments. They make vague excuses and I know now that it’s impossible to get through to these people. No matter how hard I try, I wouldn’t get a rational explanation from those people about my poor returns. 

This is sad. Because I hoped Matthew Somberg would be a great guy running an excellent firm. But instead of that, he is a fraudster with a team of advisors who don’t know what their job is. 

If you’re someone looking for wealth management services, then please avoid Matthew Somberg and his company, Gottfried and Somberg Wealth Management. Those people aren’t what they claim to be. They will drive you to financial ruin and hinder your growth. You can make much better financial decisions by yourself. Not every financial advisor is as proficient as they claim to be.

And this is a huge lesson I learnt the hard way. My personal life isn’t going good too and when you add the stress of terrible financial returns, things turn into a nightmare. I won’t go into the details of my personal life but rest assured, it’s not going great. The horrible returns I have received from Gottfried and Somberg have only worsened my situation. What’s more irritating is how Matthew’s staff handles everything. Those people don’t give clear responses whenever I express dissatisfaction with my returns. They don’t like to talk about that. 

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