Mattress Warehouse- Mike C** ranson West Virginia Review


My husband and I bought a King Set and 2 Queen set mattress on july 4 2006, we were told delivery would be july 8th 2006. On july 6th 2006 MIKE C*** (((ROR REDACTED FOR SECURITY PURPOSES)))who is suppose to be a salesman and the person who did our order to begin with called our home to inform us ( He forgot to add in the price for the 2 queen frames and also the removel fee, could we bring him 148.00 more after already paying 3000.00 . nOn july 8th delivery came with 2 queen mattress, knew nothing about King mattress set.We sent it back, we called Mr c** and was then told by him ( oh the king set is on back order)we were never informed, ask for money back was told NO refund. We had to argue with him to get the district managers number( BILL F***- 301-682-*** EXT 305) I have called Mr Fisher 6 times and left messages and have Yet to get a call back, I have called customer service a spoke to Christine who told me she would get back to me , that was on 7-12-06 still waiting. nThe last time i spoke to Mike c** and asked when were we going to get everything we had paid for- I was told July 13th or 14th and then told ( LET ME GET BACK TO YOU ON THAT) WELL Mr c** went on vacation needless to say he never got back to us and we still have NO BEDS. nI must say there is a young man by the name of Tim who has tried his hardest to make things right for us, He has told us we will have delivery on sat july 15th – hope thats the case. He also works at mattress warehouse ( same store as c**, who by the way is suppose to be a manager and i guess he is he seems to manage to screw things up very well- come to think of it there was a lady who also bought a mattress on the same day as us and funny thing is she also was in the store on the july 13th wanting to know where her mattress was. C*** DID HER ORDER TOO. nIF MR CA** IS A MANAGER AND MR F*** IS A DISTRICT MANAGER , GOD HELP US NEITHER KNOW HOW TO DEAL WITH CUSTOMERS, NEITHER GIVE A d**n ABOUT SERVICE. WE WILL NEVER EVER DEAL WITH MATTRESS WAREHOUSE AGAIN. WHAT is sad is we have just moved here , thought how nice people are , guess we got fooled. Thank you nMargienranson, West VirginiaU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Mattress Warehouse na href=”/whyedited.asp”” target=””why””> CLICK here to see why Ripoff Scams

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116 Flowing Springs Rd Charles Town Wv 25414 Charles Town, West Virginia U.S.A.

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