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My story is simple. I bought SILVER glass glitter from an ebay user Railpress claiming to be the owner of I am a crafter on youtube and this was the first time using it. Nevertheless I started with a silver canvas, followed all the rules of other crafters and the silver turned into gold. I used mod podge clear drying glue. The most popular world wide glue used today. Railpress had no disclaimer for this happening and said I didn’t know the difference between silver and gold. I sent him a picture and it is clearly gold. I asked for another bag so I could try it on something else and see if there is any way it could turn silver however he told me there was no use because I would get the same results. I then requested a refunded and he wanted me to return the glitter which he know I threw away because it was filled with glue and he wanted the entrie weight of the package. Any crafter knows you cannot return the same weight because you lose a lot of it through the making of your project. At any rate hwe then says I have to pay for restocking. The bottom line is meyerimports is selling silver that is really gold. After viewing other youtube channels that used silver I noticed all of them were actually gold. If you are a silver lover as i am BEWARE OF THIS COMPANY. They do NOT sell silver, it is a lie! The silver they sell is gold and it gets more gold after very little time.

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