Michael’s overland park Kansas Review


I had a bullfight poster from Spain with my husband’s name printed on it framed. Part of his name was cut off. I went back to return the glass and get my poster back and my money returned. They told me they would-this was in the summer of 2002. I returned with my Visa statement, gave them a copy and waited for “Their Call.”” I called several times and was made to give the same information again and again. I went back to the store twice

and again gave the same information. I was told I needed the Visa statement-which I had already given them. nI never talked to the same person. When I got the original person to whom I had talked the year before

she didn’t remember me-of course she wouldn’t. Instead of going through the whole process

I just gave up. nHowever

I have never-and will never- go in there again and have told EVERYONE I can what a horrible place it is. I am a teacher

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