Midnight Motorcycle Review


Midnight motorcycle repair shop was hired to fix my motorcycle it needed new complete wire harness new carbs ,chain,and ,battery ,and one back right blinker,….I left it there April 12 2015 they asked me my limit of budget I told them I can’t go over 800$ .witch was the amount I get in ssi disability .the next couple of days I got a call saying it was going to be around 1200$, but that he was going to work with me and it will only be 800$ I said OK a couple of weeks later I called to check on it only to be told nothing had been done that they were waiting on parts the only thing that showed up was a blinker they had bought off eBay and I was told that I was annoying them and being pushy ,,.” This was the first time I called after not hearing anything for almost 3/weeks …soa month and a half go by they said it was done I went to go get it they did not want me to ride it out of there they said just in case they insisted I haul it in my mini van so I. Did wen I got home I got it out tried to start it and it would not even idle I could not ride it and so I took it right back they said they would fix it so two weeks go by this making them having my bike for 2 month almost so I called to see wat my title was looking like considering the blinker did not get put on I could not ride it and there was no new wires the break light didn’t even work and the battery was not new they told me agien they were getting annoyed by me and basiccly I had abiut 1700$ worth of work done to my bike and they will get it done wen they get it done and since they were soposidly doing all this work and only charging me 800$ I had no right even asking anything about my bike or bill I told them one way or another im picking it up the following Monday witch was 3 days from then .Monday I went there picked up my bike I was told I had all these storage fees and all these other charges but that he was not going to charge me I guess he was just pointing out so I would feel blessed or something ,so I paid 775$ witch was every thing I had I road my bike about 40 min to my house and it was OK it was idaling a little funny wen I would stop and the break light still was not working and I didn’t have the blinker done I guess they said it got lost in the mail ,so I was almost home I came to the last stop light and bam my bike dies nothing it has no power at all dead as a door nail luckily my wife was right behind me so we got the bike loaded up I did call Kevin at the screen of the breakdown and he was very rude saying it was something I did u hat it ran fine up there every day wen they road it witch they did not becouse the only mikes put on were the ones I just put on litterly it had about half a mile difference from the time I dropped it off and picked up so kevein did not try and tell me any idea to try he did not offer anything except for me to take it back and if it was something I did he would charge me I decided after opening my battery box and seeing not one new wire a little tiny battery for like a ATV or something and about 4 or 5 wires that went no were just the ends of them showing and my stater was not even grounded witch that’s part of the charging system so my bike was not even charging that intire ride home anyhow I desired to not take it back up there in fair of them just having it agien for how long and try saying it was something i had done just to have me pay more I plan on getting a lower because not only the work order that they gave me wen I picked up the bike is not adding up there’s diffrent times and dates and parts that was not done work that they claim they did but clairly did not ow I did say something to Kevin about no new wires i was told I could not afford a new wire harness so they worked with wat was there that is not wat I told them i wanted and that was the first time I was told I could not afford a new wire harness wen I dropped it off the first time me and Eric even went o er wat color wires I wanted for the new wire harness ….anyhow I plan on trying to fight this company they were hired to do a device I know I wanted and needed they did not do the work at all the only thing I got new was the chain that they got off eBay for 75 $ they didn’t put new carboeaters they just cleaned the ones I had plus they did a oil chainge with out asking me or letting me know first they charged me for it as well also they took pics of my bike with out asking and posted it on face book at there shop with out me knowing ……

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