Money Wire Scams


Ok so i have been trying to get a car so I have applied online a couple companies had called but one asked me to put money on a moeypack and they needed that to wire the money so i did i put 50 dollars and gave them the number well i set up everything and i called back in ten mins to check no answer called every number they used nothing .so i called local police department they said they couldn’t help because i released my information so i call lexington legal office and got there services i ended up canceling it because price was to high . called most of my card company and they all told me i had other cards sent out under my name but they weren’t addressed to my address at home .i cancelled my accounts, more companies had called as well they were all hindu accent and i neglected there offer now i got a email saying they have proof of me performing fraud under my social email and number I don’t know what to do i need help with this legal matter.. I demand money back and i want them incarcerated. Stay away

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