Multiple Income Streams University Review


I received an email invitation to attend Mike Warren’s Judgments and Liens webinar. Mike presented the $995 money making webinar details and the advertised 30-day money back guarantee (no stipulated refund requirements, just 30-day money back guarantee) and his 365 day send-me-a-deal-and-I-will-send-you-your-$995-back-and-pay-you-$2,000-per-deal-program going forward, or we-will-split the profits 75/25. | Mike even posted a gold seal with 30 Day Money Back Guarantee advertised on the screen with no other requirements. I paid $995 in full for Mike Warren’s Judgments and Liens program. | From the start there were issues; from log-ins, to support tickets being marked “solved” when they had not even been answered, to “access denied” and broken links on the e-courses that Mike sent, which were not resolved. | These were troubling, but the greatest concern was that although I had paid for the course in full I was restricted from accessing the course materials as I completed each lesson. | I sent numerous emails to support asking when I would have access to the course modules since I had caught up on the 2 modules I was allowed to view. I even went through the 2 video modules twice. | How many times can a person watch the same videos? I asked several times for the release date schedule on the lessons. I was not provided with an answer. I continued to ask for a release date schedule without an answer. | I was told in order to access the materials for which I had paid in full I would have to sign a refund waiver. I asked “why would I want to sign a refund waiver”? Now I find out that AFTER the webinar which advertised a 30-day money back guarantee, AFTER I had paid $995 in full for the program but had been denied access to the materials, they changed the refund advertised during the webinar. | I was told in order to access the program I would have to sign a refund waiver (which I DID NOT do). During my communication with the anonymous customer support person I was vaguely instructed to click on a spot that said books. I clicked where instructed. I asked for clarification of the instructions I had been given to make sure their instructions were not something that would cancel my refund and they disconnected from chat at that point. | I continued having issues with unanswered/closed support tickets, the e-course access denials and broken links so within 10 days of purchasing the program I requested a refund. This was well within the advertised 30 day money back guarantee. No answer. I requested a refund again. | If you cannot get your questions answered, cannot get access without broken links to the materials for which you paid in full, are not told when you will be given access, with no end in sight of problems, why would someone want to continue in such a business relationship? | I also sent emails notifying them to cancel their recurring charges for coaching and newsletters. I received a response from them like they did not know what I was talking about. They had better not try to charge me for coaching or newsletters! | After the second or third refund request, I received an innocuous anonymous message that I was not eligible for a refund. I phoned to speak with Patrick Jones in customer service, but the office is in a different time zone so I left a voice message stating I wanted my $995 or I would contact authorities. I also sent emails requesting my refund. (May 9, 13, 17) | The bottom line is they are saying that because I accessed the materials (for which I had already paid in full) it voids my refund. | I am contacting authorities to advise them of the fraud that Mike Warren has committed against me. It is sad that someone is so devious and desperate as to advertise a 30-day money back guarantee, then dole out small pieces of the program that was paid in full, send access denials and broken links, and not allow access to the paid for materials. | It appears they were trying to string me along until the 30 days had expired. Then to tell someone who paid in full in good faith who expected them to stand behind their advertised unrestricted 30 days money back guarantee that because the customer accesses the paid for materials, at the instruction of the customer service person, for which they had already paid in full that they are not eligible for a refund is unprofessional, unethical, immoral, and fraud. | I am a senior citizen living on a very small income. Losing my $995 hits me very hard, as it does for anyone who has been scammed in this. I want and need my $995 restored to me.


  • Name: Multiple Income Streams University
  • Country: United States
  • State: Colorado
  • City: Colorado Springs
  • Address: 4465 Northpark Drive, Suite 209
  • Phone: (888) 526-6618
  • Website:

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