Nancy Rubenstein, Bank of America Review


I came into the Main Street Andover branch of Bank of America on May 1st, 2014 and did business with Nancy Rubenstein at her teller window. In the course of business I gave her $400 in verified small bills and requested change in larger bills in preparation for an upcoming trip. This dishonest banker did not count my money in plain sight nor did she use the available money counting machine. She then proceeded to give me change $200 short. When I confronted her with this error she denied it and would not provide any accounting of the funds! When I asked to speak with the highest management of the branch, she had the audacity to proclaim that she is the manager of the entire the bank and that she had ultimate authority regarding the transaction. After finally locating the bank branch’s “”real”” head management and requesting they investigate this teller and resolve the issue promptly, I was given vague answers and very little assistance. After exactly 7 days of persisting with the bank branch manager they did agree to review some very limited surveillance footage, but claimed it was not clear and that they didn’t have any footage of the teller or their actions. The next time you walk into a Bank of America Branch and make a cash transaction, particularly at the Andover Branch with Nancy Rubenstein, be advised that your cash may be risk! Bank of America has made it clear by their actions and lack of effective security measures, that they do not value their customers security and would rather protect the actions of their employees, even when dishonest, rather than do the right thing. You’ve been advised… steer clear and DO NOT USE BANK OF AMERICA, their actions demonstrate that the customer’s money and best interest is not necessarily their interest!

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