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My objective for posting this review is to hopefully prevent others from having the better part of their day wasted in pursuit of a vehicle that was falsely advertised by Naryan Auto Group.

If by chance you are interested in the 2012 BMW X3 with 90,006 miles, be aware that the vehicle has all but 97,000 miles and no floor mats or owner’s manuals. If you are interested in any other vehicles, I suggest you verify the vehicle odometer to ensure it is similar to what you thought it was based on Naryan Auto Group’s advertising.

My daughter was interested in a vehicle Naryan Auto Group advertised on TrueCar. We called before we left to ensure the vehicle was still available and also to get as much information as possible about the vehicle to ensure there were no known issues that perhaps were not disclosed in the online advertisement. Paul took our call and confirmed all of the information that was posted on TrueCar about the vehicle including the year and mileage was only able to add that the vehicle was in very good condition. When we arrived to see the vehicle we agreed that the vehicle was in good condition, however, we discovered that there were nearly 7,000 more miles on the odometer than advertised. We were working with Remy who pulled up a CarFax report that confirmed that the mileage was higher than the mileage shown in their system and what they had advertised. We had traveled almost two hours to see the vehicle and despite the significant discrepancy in the mileage, my daughter was still interested in the vehicle. We asked Remy for an equitable adjustment of the price in consideration of their error about the mileage as well as the fact that there were no front or rear floor mats nor was there an owner’s manual. We explained that we would pay cash and offered a price that was commensurate with the accurate odometer reading. Remy said he understood and seemed to agree that a price adjustment was in order, however, when he returned from talking with his manager he brought with him paperwork that reflected the full advertised asking price. I explained that I felt disrespected and misled. My offer was based on NADA pricing, Remy explained that they use different pricing reference and that they felt the vehicle was priced to sell. During our discussion, the manager came over to join the conversation. I asked what their best price was and the manager said he couldn’t even take “one cent” off the advertised asking price.

I will also be contacting the local chamber of commerce and the better business bureau about Naryan Auto Group’s misleading advertising practices. I have seen enough reviews for Naryan Auto Group to know what a cunning scam they run. Just a few I found online –



Made a deal with Pedro via phone and email. Made an appointment to sign the papers and pick up the car. He knew we were coming from over 2 hours away. About 10 minutes away from the dealership, he calls and says the car isn’t available anymore and he made a mistake making a deal with us. In reality, he didn’t love our deal and someone offered a few dollars more, so he sold it to them and tried to BS me. Don’t pay attention to the negotiated price either. They will just try to add fees to get the price they want, then offer to take them off in exchange for a positive review online. Con Artists… Horrible experience!!!


I do not recommend coming to this dealership as it is very deceiving, especially for first-time buyers. I drove 2 hours out of my way with extreme interest in buying a car. I called ahead to ensure the car was at the “discounted” price but the prices listed online are really just an incentive for you to come to the shop. I wanted to sit down and speak with someone to discuss details but was just given the keys to test drive right away. After the test drive, I waited 20-30minutes until I sat down to be shown and added a $2,000 dealership fee? I would have rather just seen the actual quoted price than be scammed into coming with a ridiculously priced dealership fee. No one there was really interested in helping me, they just wanted profit. It was a huge waste of my time and I will not recommend this place to anyone. I also won’t be surprised if this post gets deleted by the owner lol – Such a scam!!!

My experience started off well. Once I left my car has had nothing but issues. It’s only been 2 months and the brakes were missing a bolt which could’ve killed me. No one seemed to feel any kind of sympathy. Then my AC went and found out I didn’t have any freon in the car. Now my check engine light is on. The car doesn’t accelerate and no one has called me back in 2 weeks despite me calling every day. I showed up today to get service and was told the service guy was not in. This is unacceptable and very disappointing I should not be having any issues with a car I just purchased less than 60 days.

This Company is straight BS. They misinform you of information (warranty and Gap insurance) as if it’s part of the original purchase pricing. With all the hidden fees they turned a $14,000 car into a $21,000 financed purchase that’s before any interest. SO WATCH these slick mf. Don’t let them get you. I left my original opinion about the company on here because that’s how I felt that day but days later and conversations with my finance company you find what they did is BS

So I saw a vehicle I wanted to make an appointment with and came in test drove the vehicle and was really nice. Came to the number they added over $3000 in dealer fee and so-called prep fee .they had sent me numbers via true car and they would not honor that price. The Financial person came out sayingĒ I am trying to help you ď nope you trying to cheat me. Horrible

Stay away from this place. Very shady operation. They are very dishonest. Take your business elsewhere. Pedro is the most unprofessional car salesman I’ve ever come across. Also found out the fees they tack onto the sales are borderline illegal. Avoid this place!

Hight rate interest put me off Naryan Auto Group, they have their sneaky ways in charging extra charges and this is a hidden charge from the company. A selection of prices and I didnít find the one that suited my pocket. I wanted a new car and decided to go to Naryan Auto Group, for a purchase. The process didnít go as planned. They want me to pay, hidden fees, high-interest rates, and overpriced car prices. This didnít sound good from a car purchase. The company isnít fond of the customerís service and donít care for the needs of customers. At these rate charges, nobody would want to purchase a car there. It is expensive and a rip-off to me. I observed other customersí complaints about their cars and decided to buy elsewhere. I noticed long queues of complaints about cars or paperwork. The chaotic room didnít sound positive to me and had to leave the office immediately. The office staff didnít care to greet me nor say a word when I left the office. Itís rude and disrespectful of the staff to make customers feel unwelcomed in the company offices. I donít appreciate the rude and terrible services from Naryan Auto Group. These lazy and rude people donít appreciate customers at the business place. They would prefer to sit with colleagues and have coffee than to serve customers with a smile. The whole morning, I tried to make a better deal with Naryan Auto Group I didnít receive a response from the information desk of the agreements or the car deals. I requested information about lower prices and received nothing in my email and no calls to explain in detail the company policies of terms and conditions. I had no prompt calls and responses from staff and itís disappointing to deal with untrained staff and unskilled mechanics. Thereís no qualified staff and trained staff in good communications for helping the customers. I see the company has no intelligent staff and this gives the company a terrible image. Nothing is fair to customers, and I couldnít continue my car deal here. There isnít quality in cars or the services of company staff. I felt dissatisfied to chat with people who donít understand car agreements and who donít have a clue of mechanics on cars. I felt the unpleasant team in the office and decided to call of paperwork. My experience at Naryan Auto Group wasnít friendly nor happy. I wished I had not gone there but it taught me a lesson. I need to research other companies to learn more about professional company and unprofessional company. You wonít receive the best customer service from this car dealership. I donít recommend the car dealership to anyone interested in car purchases or other deals on cars. The overpriced cars have no quality and you will be surprised with hidden fees to pay at the end of your car deal.

I wasn’t going to write this review until I got the worst call yesterday. From the loan place and tried to threaten me…..yeah okay….here it goes…

If I were you I would steer clear of this place. I purchased a vehicle that had problems as soon as I drove off the lot. They claimed it was a sensor. After driving the vehicle for days being nervous that it would shut off on me. They told me to take it to their mechanic. The mechanic said the throttle body was dirty and cleaned it. I set there 5 minutes and the car continues to do the same thing. He says they will have to replace it. A couple of days passed and I took it back to the mechanic after he received the part that they ordered used…..smh at this point the car is seeping oil from it and shaking uncontrollably in idle…..I called they said they will take it to another mechanic and gave me a loner for the time being.

At this point I’m livid, I purchased a vehicle and got the run around for a week back and forth to the dealer and mechanic. The car couldn’t pass inspection and I’m pissed. I go back Monday morning after contacting the loan place and them telling me They had to replace the car, give me my money back or fix the car. At this point, I just wanted another car which I was told I could only get the same one that I had in another color. I felt like I was being forced into a vehicle that I did not want.

They appear laid back but they are full of it. The sales guy told me, in the end, you should just keep the car because you have a warranty…..then proceeds to say you’re not gonna find a car anywhere else based on your down payment. Then says now I gotta sell this car again. I demanded my money back…I figured I would take my chances somewhere else it couldn’t have been worst…

Happy to say this whole deal was bad, I went somewhere else and got away a nicer car and lower payment and not to mention a great sales guy!! Stay away from this place. I wish I read reviews first, I only went based on a recommendation from my cousin…..

They are a bunch of crooks…..selling crappy cars to people for expensive car payments…DON’T DO IT…..


I financed a car from Naryan on Monday, 9/2. I returned it on Tuesday, 9/3. After driving the car for maybe an hour that Monday, I noticed there were a couple of things wrong with the car (dim lights which resorted to me driving with my high beams on, and a loud screeching noise that made me feel uneasy). Through further research, the headlight issue is a Nissan issue so I won’t put that on the dealership. Nonetheless, the car was brought back Tuesday to be looked at because I had a warranty. From Tuesday to Thursday, I only heard about the condition of my car if I called in. No one bothered to give me a call about a vehicle I had literally just purchased. I decided to go in that Thursday to terminate my contract. Upon arrival, I could immediately tell I wasn’t expected. My new headlights weren’t put on and I felt that it was still uncertain about what was making the car screech. One person told me it wasn’t brakes and that it was likely rust, another person told me that the noise was gone altogether, and then upon arrival Thursday the owner mentioned the brakes. Talk about confusing! At this point, I just wanted out of the deal. I’m giving this place two stars because the owner eventually let me out of my contract in good favor after some debate. I can now move on and find a car that works for me. Overall, it was a bad buy. The customer service during the purchasing process was exceptional (that’s to be expected). I even got a free tv out of the deal (I gave it back once I termed the contract). However, the customer service once the vehicle was funded definitely changed in a matter of days. No issue is too big or too small. I felt like the owner belittled the issue with the car stating that it’s not like it’s the engine or the transmission. Point blank, it doesn’t matter. It’s an investment. Treat it as such. I wouldn’t recommend or return back. My salesperson was John, my service person was Asaf, and the owner is George.

These people sold me a car with a bad transmission, car broke down shortly after purchase and the owner did absolutely nothing to remedy the situation. The car had no floor mats and a broken key fob.  The price on the website was completely different than the price when I went to sign. Was lied to multiple times throughout the process. Stay away from this place. If I could give zero stars, I would.

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