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They’ve been calling since March 2014, they called my boyfriend always naming themselves as Sallie Mae, when he gave them my number, they again said it was Sallie Mae, and it was in regards of my student loan, and that they needed my employer information for garnishing my wages, I said”oh hell no, I will set up arrangements and send a check, money order, cashier check, whatever.” mind you, I still believed it was Sallie Mae representative I was talking to. They told me I couldn’t pay that way at all “at this stage” wtf??? I again asked who the hell it was I was talking to, and she said Tameka from NES, a debt collection agency. I argued about it being in collections because I checked my credit report just days beforehand which was updated on April 30, 2014, and it doesn’t reflect any of my student loans in collections at all. Mind you, my loan is only ten payments behind. It is not a year old. I told her” no, I’m dealing only with Sallie Mae.” Again she told me I couldn’t. Bullshit. I also said my attorney is filing for a temporary deferment” to which she also said that I couldn’t. Bulls*, my attorney informed me that is not true on all counts, They CAN make payments arrangements and take checks, They DO NOT have to garnish my wages, and I can deal with Sallie Mae and I most definitely can file for a deferment. They keep calling and even sunk so low as to spoof my mom’s home phone number and of course I answered for my mom and it wasn’t her!!!! It was this f*g a*hole Paul from NES. .

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