Nationwide Tax Consulting Review


I spent $3000 to have them file my 2017 taxes and help me set-up my business and quickbooks. They took my money and then never performed the services promised! I asked what they needed from me. No response. I prepared my own taxes and asked them to at least review. No response. I asked them to reserve my business name. No response. Finally, I emailed and asked for my money back. That got a response! An account rep called and begged me to give them another chance and promised they wouldn’t ignore me this time claiming a technical email difficulty. I’d already done most of the work myself and just wanted my money back but they never gave it. I was completely done wrong and they never even seemed to care. Don’t trust this company. They just want to make the sale and don’t have the staff capable to back it up.


  • Name: Nationwide Tax Consulting
  • Country: United States
  • State: Florida
  • City: Port Saint Lucie
  • Address: 7410 U.S. 1 #403
  • Phone: 888-902-2293
  • Website:

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