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WARNING to those searching for business coaching with One Eleven Companies. This company approaches you with providing business coaching to help your business grow. To get you to sign, they will say anything that sounds good to you, especially if you are searching for knowledge on how to improve your business. The coaches are not certified, are deficient in degrees in counseling, therapy work or psychiatry. Their life stories have nothing in common with coaching people’s lives. They promise personal (4) one hour weekly coaching sessions with your coach on the phone. By the way…the coaching call is not free, there is a charge.(this is not disclosed) In actuality, you receive about 15-20 minutes with your coach while there are two to three other people on the same coaching call listening to your story. They provide one four hour group session a month, where you listen to everyone’s commercial and their story of progress or lack of progress and sometimes crying. Pretty much you are bearing it all to a huge group of strangers. Nothing about business has been coached or taught. There is personal digging of your life and personality, your marriage or relationships are questioned and advice given that you may or may not need counseling. They offer names of counselors and therapists. If you break the contract due to dissatisfaction of the product you purchased, you are and will be responsible for balance due and money will be charged to your credit account. They will not work with you. In seeking advice from my credit card company, because I signed a contract…and money is nonrefundable, they were not able to credit my account. Contracts can be broken for products purchased if the products were not promised at the time of signing and are completely unsatisfactory for the amount of money charged. THIS COMPANY IS NOT WORTH YOUR TIME OR MONEY!!! Actually, sessions are very boring, unmotivated, uninspiring and lack training for business development. The head hunters of this company visit networking groups where business people support one another to give and receive business referrals to help businesses grow. This is a young company that seeks out the vulnerable with the right words making the vulnerable feel as though they must belong and this is the answer for them. BEWARE!!! This company is not all what they claim to be. More people that have joined are coming forth with the same allegations. The tuition for this program is a huge sum of money. During these hard economic times, people do not have that amount of money for something that is of no benefit to them. BE CAREFUL!!! If you are looking for business coaching, look within your own company, check with the Small Business Association for free classes on business development, or your local Community College for business classes.

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