Ontel Products Aurora Colorado Review


This company is very sketchy. I placed an order for a glow pet and hadn’t received it after two weeks so I emailed to see what the hold up was. It so happens they are on back order. The person who emailed me back said I could upgrade to avoid the back order for an extra $10. I said okay go ahead and charge me an extra ten. Two week later… nothing. I call this time. “Oh the upgrade is on back order too.”” Nice to know. So why didn’t anyone email me. Thanks. That company seems like they have everything together. They also told me it would be an addtional 3 weeks. So I cancelled my order. Its a good think it has been so long that my child forgot about this pillow. Based on how organized this company is and their professionalism I’m somewhat scared my credit card information is going to be stolen. Be careful if you see an commercial with one of their products because if you place and order and you never recieve it…. boom! They just got your credit card info.”

21 Law Dr Fairfeild, New Jersey United States of America


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