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I was enticed off the street with someone offering a sample moisturizer. Before I knew it I was being given a free facial. SURE FREE!!!! by an expert from Last Vegas. Ended up it was no such person. Of course, they used the right side of the face which receives less sun because driving puts more sun on the left side on a regular basis. They told me all the things I needed for this “reduced” price that would last me 2 to 3 years and presented me with the charge to sign. Never mentioned there was “a no return policy”. They said they do not have quantity merchandise in the store so they would ship the merchandise. heavy in the suit case. I began to feel a little uncomfortable about the whole experience. When I got back to the hotel I went on the internet and looked at the complaint and fraud filings. They were just exactly what I had experienced.I immediately went back to the store and asked for a refund. They said there was a “no return” policy. I said I have not received the product so just cancel the order. They said no it had already shipped. I said how could it have shipped in the last several hours when the product was being shipped from some other place? I asked for the manager. Of course, there wasn’t one available. I said I want to talk to one right now on the phone. They gave me some name to call. I said I want to call them right now from the store. They said they couldn’t use their phones to phone out!!!!! I could not get reception on my phone from that location because I was in Maui and I live in CA. I contacted my credit card company to have them stop payment. Good luck on that. This company knows exactly what they are doing! They make it impossible to contact anyone. No return calls from Customer Service. No response from their e-mail where you are suppose to be able to leave a concern.

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