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Paxata stole my data and sold it to a competitor While I should have been more careful others can learn form my experience. Paxata is a cloud based software for cleaning data, in our case we did a trial on customer data, part of the process is uploading your data sets. I did an online trial after getting a demo and uploaded 2 sample files for different geographies and pretty unique names. This is the only place I uploaded the files and I created the files just for Paxata. After reviewing the trial we were disappointed and decided it wasn’t for us. Three weeks later our competitor called our sales team to let us know someone had offered them 2 files with our customer names with samples. Low and behold it was the same file names that only Paxata had. We are lucky that our competition was honest enough to let us know, I wonder how many times this has happened without people knowing. Now I don’t know if it was Paxata itself, or one of their employees, but either way avoid this company. After thinking about it I was naive to upload any sensitive data, especially customer data, to the cloud. No matter who it is, once it goes outside your system bad things can happen.

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