Payless Appliances LLC Review


Buyer Beware! Payless buys junk, does not test it and passes the junk on to consumers with an underwhelming 48 hour “warranty”. Anytime a retailer does harm to his customer, it is bad for both. in this case, it was a $300 stackable washer dryer combo which we purchased in full faith it would work. turns out it never worked, leaked badly and our installer advised it is a “piece of junk”. We are trying to help a friend by replacing a similar broken machine, so we hoped buying a “new” used machine would help her. Unfortunately, the “48 hour warranty” took longer than the time we had to hook it up and run it through its first cycle because we are trying to do many things to help our friend. in any case, in my view, the store should not be selling equipment it has not, at least, tested. .

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