Perfect Flame Grills Harrisonburg Virginia Review


I purchased the SLG2006B Perfect Flame grill several years ago. It was in fine working condition and we loved the way it looked and was designed. 2 years ago, while cooking a tenderloin (which we had just done in Ohio 2 weeks prior to with no problems on a different grilll) our grill caught on fire. Thankfully we had a fire extinguisher near by and was able to put out the fire. nI tore the grill apart and found one of the burners was cracked. So, I went to Lowe’s and picked up another one and replaced it. Grill was working just fine. Then, on Father’s day, this year… my daughter went out to warm up the grill. A couple of minutes later, there were flames coming out from below the lid and around the drawer. There were also flames coming down under the grill where the propane tank is located. My daughter threw a bunch of salt on the fire to try to knock it out. I had to use a 5 gallon bucket of water to get the flames out. nThis peaked my curiosity as to why this grill has now caught on fire 2x. When I pulled the heat shields, 2 more burners were cracked and split at the ends. I hardly use the 4th one on the very right. nI contacted the company only to find out that as soon as I shared the model, they said… oh, we will ship you out new burners for free. However, I have to pay the shipping and handling fees of $29.95. NOT! I didn’t buy into that – they are on recall. nUpon more research, when these SLG grills went on recall, which myself and many others were never notified about… people took them back to Lowe’s and they got a credit back for them whether or not they had caught on fire. nI talked to the manager at Lowes about the situation. He called the same number and was told to contact me and have me call in to get an RA number. So, I did. When I was on the phone with bbqtek rep, she told me that they do not give RA numbers to customers. I told her that’s what was told to the manager at Lowe’s. She then accused me of trying to beat out the middle man. She asked me, do you want parts or a new grill. I told her that since this was the 2nd time that the grill had caught on fire, I don’t trust it and refuse to use it ever again. So, she said, then take it over to Lowe’s and have them contact nSo, I did. The manager at Lowes – Tim, got the runaround. Was asked to take photos of the grill and send in to [email protected] for review. I came into the store to find out what the results were. He said that at 12:18 he sent photos of the grill to Sam. Sam reported that he did not get them. It was then done again through Robert who is the Asst Manager. We did not hear from anyone. nI called in for an answer. The lady that I spoke with was incredibly rude. Said, it has to go through a process and they will get back to me when they have made a decision. I asked how long that takes and since this is really not that difficult decision to make, to put me in touch with Sam. She said that they cannot do that, never have and won’t now. We spoke for a few more minutes about how bad their customer service is, so she just hung up on me. nI shared my call experience with the Asst Manager. Since we had not heard back from them after a day, Tim, the GM for Lowe’s was calling them over lunch and not getting anywhere. I have called them every day only to find out that, “the manager just left 5 minutes ago””

the “”manager is out to lunch -(happened to me 3x). Then he was in a meeting. I asked for a call back – nothing. Not one single call back. I left a message for Timothy

the asst manager – nothing. nThen

one week later – I get a call from rep and she says that all that they can do is send me free burners. No shipping. I replied that that was not sufficient and I do not accept their offer. I was asked if I wanted to speak to the manager on Monday as he would be in about 12 pm EST. To this day

I have received no calls. I told the lady that I have been trying to get in touch with the manager for a week with no avail. nSam

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