Petit Tresor Review


Do not shop at this store. I cannot say if there actions have civil or criminal liability. But they are incompetent at best, and dishonest at worst. I thought the store and the products it represented itself to have through its website were beautiful. I registered here and received a very generous gift certificate. Everything I have ordered from the store has been an issue. On multiple occasions, I have placed orders that are not handled or replied to for literally weeks at a time, despite repeatedly calling and emailing the store. More often than not, when I do finally get a reply, I am advised they do not carry the item (the item that they represent themselves as selling on their website). This has happened with approximately seven items, possible more – I am trying to be conservative in my criticism. I don’t believe anything on their website is accurate, and based on my multiple experiences with ordering from them, I have no confidence that they keep accurate business records. I’ve never enjoyed spending money less – I would take half the value of the gift certificate just to be done with this store. All businesses should be expected to perform as advertised, but it is particularly egregious when such an expensive store blatantly misrepresents its products and ability to perform.

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