Phone outlet us Review


There was an advertisement on one of this app(Letgo) (Offer up)on smartphones.Phone outlet USA, or went to the phone outlet site and bought 4 iPhone and watches.It read and I repeat here,“ All our items are new authentic and original.” Even has 30 days return policy. Authentic looking site, trying to sell phones for less than MSRP.Upon selecting the items and payment section, it asked to send money/payments through Popular app Zelle. To an email”[email protected]”The site asked to send payments within 24 hours for faster processing. Or they will cancel order.Zelle is the app to send money to friends(non refundable).And not for products, or purchases!I sent money anyhow, and Zelle confirmed money sent to some Moh guy. No products yet at my door. Money gone for Zelle does not refund money sent to friend, or as a friend.Just checked and the website is gone as well.

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