Adelphi Maryland


Complaint: My name is Mamadou Diallo a delivery driver for Pizza Hutt. I was off today morning and was supposed to report to work at 5PM. I took my 2 daugthers to eat some wings and while eating the area Manager Nishar walked in. He went inside and printed a form and came out to the dining room. He said he would lie to ask me few questions about an ongoing sexual harasement that was file against some of the workers. I told him that i was a customer at the time he wanted to talk to me and i was not willing to do that and also i had to watch my kids movement. I t was just not the right time and that made furious he started yelling and threatning me”You want play that game you will see””. I said to him that he couldnt scare me because i did not have nothing to do with what is going on and any way if it was the case he could wait until i ome to work. He then went inside called the police on me . i waited outside the store until the police officer came and i explained to him what i went through. He advised me to filed a civil law suit because the area manager did not have the wright to force me to talk while i was not working but eating as a customer. I decided to resign and find something else to do but i would like to give a lesson to help those who are permanently been abuse by this person.”

Tags: Pizza & Take Out

Address: 13318 New Hampshire ave Silver Spring, Maryland USA

Website: 13318 New Hampshire Ave

Phone: 3012369100

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