Portfolio to Paradise La Mesa California Review


Portfolio to Paradise is “SCAMMING”” people into signing up for Gold Crown Resort memberships via a teasing offer of an “”almost FREE”” cruise and airfare offer via VIP Travel Reservations

Inc.. nVIP Travel is RIPPING US OFF! The membership to Gold Crown Resort was a fairly significant up front expense and the initial impressions with “”what exactly are we getting for that hard earned money”” have been put into a highly questionable mode. nI am retired and my wife is also thinking of retiring in the not too distant future. We were hoping to utilize the VIP Travel “”FREE”” cruise and air fare for her 50th birthday celebration/memory. nThe cruise that we were hoping to get would have fit that hope nicely. We have two girls and the youngest was just sent off to college a week or so ago. The oldest goes back to college in about two weeks. Thus

we are quickly becoming “”empty nesters”” and are looking forward to traveling and adventuring (sans kids). Paying less for each individual trip means that we can take more of them in any particular year. nThose ideas were expressed to the sales people at the Portfolio to Paradise presentation. A “”FREE”” cruise (via VIP Travel) was used as a “”SCAM”” to get us to sign up for the Gold Crown Resort membership. HOWEVER

VIP Travel came up with estimates that were practically the same price as if we were to book directly through a cruise line itself. nI e-mailed Portfolio to Paradisel with the specifics of our findings and have not heard from them or VIP Travel since. THEY ARE TRYING TO RIP US OFF! nIdeally

the contract with Gold Crown Resort should be made null and void and the price of that membership should be refunded to us plus monies that we deposited with VIP Travel toward the “”FREE”” cruise and airfare offers. nTHEY SHOULD BE MADE TO PRACTICE SOUND (AND LEGAL) BUSINESS PRACTICES OR BE PUT OUT OF BUSINESS!”

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