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PotNetwork Holdings Inc is scamming businesses through lies and shady claims. They are probably among the dirtiest businessmen I have ever come across. My business suffered greatly because of those scammers. 

If you were looking for CBD products to sell, you must have seen Relax products in the market. Itís possible that some sales guys contacted you to sell Relax products through your business. They sell various CBD products, from vape liquids to creams. But just because they have a lot of products in their catalog, it doesnít mean their products are any good. Relax is a subsidiary of PotNetwork Holdings Inc, which is the biggest scammer in the cannabis industry. 

PotNetwork Holdings Inc has multiple brands and their salespeople make many claims about the quality of their products. Theyíll claim that they have the best CBD products in the industry and if you donít buy a certain quantity of those products, youíre missing out on a lot of profits. They will show you fake testimonials and make it seem like their products are doing amazing in the market. All of their lies would make you think as if youíre investing in a great brand which is doing great in the industry. However, the reality is totally the opposite. 

These people actually have the worst products of the market. The salespeople donít tell you any specifics about their products and only make huge claims about the profits their clients are making. They never tell you about the qualities of their products. And if they even tell you about a few things, know that they all are useless details. I lost tens of thousands of dollars because of these fraudsters. 

How PotNetwork Holdings Inc Scammed Me

One of their sales people had contacted me regarding their CBD products some time ago. I had no idea who these people were and what their productsí reputation was so I ignored the sales guy at first. But after their constant calls and messages, I finally gave in and met with those guys.

The sales guy from Relax Liquid made it seem like their product was one of the most innovative CBD entrants in the industry. The guy made several huge claims about the success of that product and I got convinced. As a retailer, I had to buy a considerable shipment of their products for my business. And it was the worst financial decision of that period because their products had terrible sales. 

The quality of their products was so miserable that many of my old customers started avoiding my business. They didnít want to buy from me anymore after seeing what a poor product I had sold to them. The prices of PotNetwork Holdings Incís products are also exorbitant and are made to scam people only. If youíre a business owner, please avoid PotNetwork Holdings Inc. They are scammers. 

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