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Complaint: Fellow Consumers, Hopefully by reading this, it will save you some headaches and frustration. Be aware of this company, their products and read their written quotes in detail. Do not assume you are receiving the latest electronic equipment, fair pricing and look at all of the numbers very closely. I recently purchased a Ryan Home and as a part of that project, Protection By Design was subcontracted to do our alarm system, the wiring for our entertainment systems and the window candles in our new home. They were awarded a contract through Ryan Homes and NVR mortgage for a total of $19,010.88 to do just that. This $19,010.88 was the initial part of the contract, there is another piece of the contract called the post-close or close-out which finishes the setup. I will attach some documents for your review, these documents include the Ryan Homes contract with the $19,010.88 price dated April 03 and two other documents. One of which is a quote for the post-close items dated May 30 and the other document is another quote dated July 03. Here is one example of mark-up. One window contact for an alarm system is costing us $68.90. This is the plastic piece that goes on the window. For 19 windows that totals $1,309.10. There’s no package alarm system, no deal for ordering a certain number – a flat charge of $68.90 per window contact. That $1,309.10 charge is only covering some of our windows, not all of them and that’s only a piece of the alarm system, that’s not the doors, the garage, motion sensors, smoke detectors, those are additional costs. What do you think the cost is for a window contact? There are 42 different models from $3.00 to $9.00 and high quality models from $25 at the homesecuritystore. With that in mind allow me to break down some other items: Attached is Protection By Design post-close proposal for 30MAY, the new post-close proposal received on 03JUL and the Final Mortgage Inclusion on 03APR. I requested changes to the 30MAY document that involved additional sensors, a window candle addition to the extra window and an additional window contact for the extra window, instead I was provide with a proposal that added items that were not requested, and put us well over our $5,000 post-close budget. The total price on the post-close contract went up from $5,243.50 on the 30MAY document to $10,871.94 on the 03JUL document. You can imagine the frustration when I saw the 51% or $5,628.44 increase in the proposal, but the real frustration came when I saw more ridiculous price increases on equipment. More examples as follows: Yamaha A730 Receiver: Protection By Design price is $687.94 as listed on the 03JUL proposal. Best Buy price is $518.99. This is a 25% or $168.95 increase. Sony Bluray 5100: Protection By Design price is $179.14 as listed on the 03JUL proposal and is an older model. The updated 5200 model at Best Buy is $99.99. This is a 44% or 79.15 increase for an older model. Misc Equipment: Line item #7 for packages on the 03JUL document indicates “Misc Equip 25 Wire Labor Materials”” it says; “”See comment section for details”” with a charge of $225.00 yet there are no comments or details provided for what the charge is

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Address: yet there’s a charge for $225.00. Bluetooth Ext/Adpt: Protection By Design price is $74.20 as listed on the 03JUL proposal and they’re charging for 2 devices for a total of $148.40. Best Buy price for the same device is $49.99. This is a 32% or $24.21 increase. I could technically buy three of these devices for what Protection By Design is charging for two. Yamaha SB YAS201: There is a charge for a 2.1 Soundbar on 03JUL proposal for $338.14 We didn’t request this item be added

Website: only rough-ins were added for $950

Phone: but it was included in the 03JUL proposal. Intercom System: From the very beginning we requested an intercom system be included in the home however

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