Raaga Restaurant Los Angeles California


Complaint: This is thw worse resteraunt ever and known as a toutist trap among locals. They’re food is not good, their service awful, they overcharge and refuse to refund ANYTHING even when they make a mistake and bring you the wrong dish. They’re takeout is a disatser. You get a mess of mixed plates that have been frozen and then microwaved. They suck. We’re do a HBO sepcial and oredred from them once and got notjing we ordered. One crew member got sick. We actually ordered from them again because they are down the street and it was inedible. Worse part? They act liek total d**** when you complain and even lie. They told us they would refund the $25 delivery fee and never did. Raaga sucks.

Tags: Fast Food Restaurants

Address: Select State/Province USA

Website: raagacuisine.com/


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