Really Bad Service


This is a company that specializes in senior care and provides help for senior care including providing care givers. These caregivers would Stay 24/7 with the senior people and provide them help in any situation they would require. But the problem arises with these Caregivers is that their attitude towards work and if they are ready to work or not? Definitely the problem with this specific care giving agency is that their employees are not at all Well trained or Are they willing to work properly? Definitely the charges are high-end. Anybody would like to pay for the charges if the services are good.

But unfortunately, the attitude of the employees towards work is not at all good and definitely I would not trust them or I would not be trusting them with future of my mother or father in their hands. I Am A working woman and need to take care of my mom at the same time. Whereas I need to be at work as well. So I employed the services of this agency to take care of my mother. I was not at all satisfied rather. I was angry with the services. That’s the word that I would use angry. Definitely. I did not like the services. The lady who came to my house. I was always on the phone with someone or the other. I had no interest towards work. She did not know what my mom was doing when I was not at home, even when she’s at work. She is constantly on her phone and that does not how it works. Their attitude towards their work is also very bad. They are not at all interested in taking care of the elderly people and they are utterly rude with the elderly people. So I would love not to deal with this agency again because of their behavior and attitude towards work. I have tried complaining about them, but there was no use. I know I would not be refunded anything. For the cancellation, so I let it go and I would not deal with them ever again.

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