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Complaint: This a*hole was court ordered to pay his ex wife child support for 3 great kids, to which they have not seen a penny and they are getting ready to be put out on the street because he forged signatures on loan documents while his now ex wife was out of the country, took the money to Margarita island, VZ where he operated a w***e house and a call center(americas call centers).Moved his madam (Maria Eugenia Flores) that run the w***e house in with him. Divorced wife 2 years later leaving her with a home that is bieng forclosed on and empty bank accounts.As a family friend it has been hard to watch this family struggle because of the sheer greed of this man. Took with him the car he had bought for one daughter, had a face lift at the same time his own daughter was calling him to drop off groceries, and had the balls to want the daughter to stay with him while he recovered from his face lift that totally tramatized her so badly she had to drive home in the middle of the night.Hope he gets his just rewards and that the authorities can catch up with him. If you have any info please post on this site.Stay well away from this conman, married his madam february 2010,living back here in US, probably looking to do real estate deal, hotel deal, or something with insurance adjusting used to own National Insurance Adjusters inc, NICA online, is probably using new wife to hide behind.

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Address: po box 843 palm beach, Florida United States of America



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