Scott Properties of the Midlands, LLC Review


Scott Property Of The Midlands is a complete scam and fraud… DO NOT RENT PROPERTY FROM THEM AND DO NOT LET THEM MANAGE YOUR PROPERTY!!! My husband and I started renting a property from Scott Property Of The Midlands September 5th 2014. We’ve been paying our rent faithful every month and some month’s early payments. We recently got a knock on the door from a person that works for HOA Prime Financial Services and was told that our property was up for foreclosed and purchased through their company. HOA Prime Financial Services also told us that Scott Property Of The Midlands managed the property for a (Thomas McGill) whom hasn’t been paying for the property in years, so basically our money has been going into Thomas McGill’s pocket, and Scott Property Of The Midlands haven’t told us about this at all… We’ve currently been speaking with Don Weaver owner of HOA Prime Financial and he’s working on getting paperwork together for us to pay rent to HOA Prime Financial Services. We’re also getting law advice from a lawyer on what to do about Scott Property Of The Midlands. These people signed a 12 year lease with us and when we called them about the situation, told us to find another house as if we’re nobodies. Here’s some of the things we’ve been dealing with since renting from Scott Property Of The Midlands: *On move in and move in inspection damages that was never fixed… Damage to the master bedroom and bathroom door, cracked vanity in the master bathroom, water damage, cheap/ugly touch up paint throughout the home, scuff marks on the floors, stains in the carpet from previous tenant’s pets, smoke/fire detectives not working (DANGEROUS), broken wood off kitchen cabinet, dead grass in front yard and back yard, weeds growing up in grass, broken door bell, damage on the side of the front door inside/out, no shower rod in master bathroom, low water pressure, and the list goes on. * Bad customer services from Jennifer, Calvin, Scott Wallace, and the staff. Jennifer was a hand full, very nasty, bad attitude and rude. *Very Stressful, pain, and suffering. Plus I’m 5 months pregnant with my first baby. *POOR MAINTENANCE SERVICES, every we put in work orders… It would take forever for a reply and they would tell us to either fix it ourselves or go on google/youtube for help videos. *They had a delinquent account with the landscape company of the community, so we got no landscape services, and we had to do our own landscape. * We do feel partial of the bad treatment was based on color and discrimination. My husband and I are real estate investors and contractors, we believe in putting our customers first before customers. Scott Property Of The Midlands don’t care about their customers and it’s all about money with them. We’re very disappointed and angry with this company. We wouldn’t recommend this company to anyone for rental or property management services, RUN RUN RUN.

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