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Complaint: You need to be a PRO to use this software I purchased this software soley on the videos I watched on their website. Looks really easy to use, just buy it, put in the data parameters, and click go. OH Wait not so fast. There is a huge learning curve on proxys you have to go through which they assume you already know how to do. Oh wait, there is a huge setup process in getting proxys which have a very short life which they fail to mention. So after a day or two emailing with support and me failing to get it to work as easy as they show online, I requested a refund. Kiss your money good-bye and ignore the 14 day refund They quickly gave me form filler responses that did not help me one bit. Then followed up with “what I agreed to”” in the policy section of the website. Basically it is your fault if you can’t get it to generate error messages to send to them. So they will refund your money in 14 days ONLY if you can prove to them it is their software that glitches. They do not refund on HOW the software works

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Website: 000s of proxys you will end up with maybe 100 which have a very short life. I mean minutes. So you have to start the process over again if you want good proxys. As far as the results

Phone: or is presented or the expected results based on the videos on their website. What I experienced with the software You need to have a lot of time to go through ALL the learning curves to set it up. You need to have a lot of time to run the scrapes. The results will not come in as fast as shown in the video. You will need to spend a lot of time to find proxys

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